Hijri Calendar 2.0 (iPhone)

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Category: Utilities
Version: 2.0
Seller: Thaqib Halwani

2011 enseeyab


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Now, ver. 2.0 with Hijri date display the on the app icon !

Hijri & Georgian Calendar for the year 1432 / 2011

✽ New features ✽

✓Show Hijri Date direct on the icon's badge
✓New list of the local events
✓Hide/show the date on the app icon date

✽ Hijri calendar features ✽

✓High quality Retina graphics
✓Monthly scrollable Hijri calendar
✓Monthly scrollable Georgian calendar
✓Displaying local events (school exams, vacations..etc.,) on the calendar
✓Hide/show the local events
✓Current version supports the Saudi Arabian events only, other Arab countries to be added in the upcoming updates

✽ We we'd love to hear from you ✽

Please feel free to write to us your suggestions and request.
What's new in Version 2.0
✽ Hijri date badge on the app icon
✽ List of the local events

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