Learning Game – Do Vui Ngay Tet 1.0 (iPhone)

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Category: Education
Version: 1.0
15.6 MB
Seller: IMT Solutions Corp.

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“Do vui ngay Tet” is a small and excellent learning game for 3+ year-old kid. The game contains more than 300 Vietnamese folk riddles related to Tet holidays with answers, sounds and vivid and cute illustrations. It helps your kids to learn more on the natural phenomenon, appellation characters, people, place-names, flowers, fruits, animals, objects,… related to Tet holidays and New Year season to develop their intelligence, awareness and help them to remember Vietnamese Tet culture. This app also makes it interesting for the kids to learn and study about Vietnamese Tet cultures through the folk riddles. The parents can play together with their kids and explain the difficult riddles as well as help them to learn it if they cannot read.

“Do vui ngay Tet” also has 3 levels in difficulty: easy, normal and hard. Kids can start with any level or the first level and the app automatically adjusts the level based on kid’s ability. The riddles are repetitive to help them can remember and identify the things quickly.

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