i4islam radio 1.0 (iPhpne)

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Category: Music
Jan 25, 2011
Version: 1.0
13.3 MB
Seller: Tarek Mansour

iPhoneIslam 2011

LANGUAGES: English, Arabic

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Such as the iPhone re-invented mobile phones, this app is reinvented Islamic radio on mobile devices.

* Special Offer for a limited period *

* Works on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
* High-quality graphics supports Retina display
* Using the latest iOS features such as background audio streaming
* The program works in Arabic or English according to your device settings
* Supports landscape or portrait
* Night stand mode when using landscape shows time and date
* Islamic channels are diverse and multilingual
* Large number of Islamic channels renewable always
* Channels automatically renew online
* Multi-tasking feature and broadcast works even after put app in background
* You can control the app in background via iPod buttons
* You can hear the broadcast through AirPlay devices such as Apple TV
* List of your favorite channels
* List of recent channels
* You can record live broadcast and hear later without Internet connection
* Transfer the recorded files to your computer via iTunes and then add them to the iPod library
* Send the recorded clips via e-mail to share with your friends
* Works on Wi-Fi or data service such as the 3G
* Show a warning message when you use the 3G network to avoid extra costs

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