HeartPro – iPhone version 1.02

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The Heart Pro – this app is reduced for a limited time only for promotion – the Heart Pro has just been chosen by Apple to be used in their TV ads – the iPad version which reached the number one position for Medical iPad apps (Top Paid and Top Grossing) in over 40 countries world wide!

PLEASE NOTE: The app uses cutting edge technology and requires a lot of memory to spin and cut open the heart – therefore when using this app – you may get a message that you have too many apps opened at once on your device. This means that you need to close apps that are not been used. If you don’t know how to close opened apps in multitasking – then please check out this short video:

YouTube – How to Close iPhone Apps on the iOS 4 – Trapster.com

Simply rotate, stop, cut open and label the components of the heart, all with simple strokes of a finger.

Rotate – by dragging finger
Spin – by swiping finger
Cut – by a long swipe (a long swipe is a swipe that starts outside the heart – i.e the background – located on the sides and top of the heart)
Zoom – by pinching fingers

To access or turn on the pins – tap once on the screen
To label a pin – Press on that pin
To get additional information – press on the “i”icon

Pins are available in any of the standard anatomical views including anterior, posterior, lateral, right lateral, superior, inferior, sagittal, coronal and transverse views.

By turning the iPad from a portrait to landscape mode, additional controls become available to the left and right of the main screen. The right hand side offers the index function which is covered below.

The left hand side offers a quick navigation tool that allows the user to immediately jump to another view or body area.

By pressing the index button, the available pins and animations are shown. If an item is selected from the index, the heart will be rotated, cut or made transparent in order to show the user where that item is located.

When a movie is selected, the heart will be rotated or cut and the relevant animation will be played.

Coronal, Sagittal and Transverse sections are also available with full labeling. These cuts can be shown by performing a long swipe (a swipe that begins outside the heart) or by pressing the sections button.

There is also a button to change the background from black to white and vice versa as some users like to use the app on a white background. Three taps on the screen will also change the background color.

The Heart Pro is comprised of four different layers, the heart tissue, veins, arteries and conduction nerves. The transparency of the heart tissue, vessels and nerves can be changed to view their interdependency.

By pressing and holding on the transparency button, an options window will appear, where the opacity of each layer can be controlled. This allows different comparative views.

The Heart Pro contains several animations. By double tapping on the screen an animation for that view will be played.

The Heart Pro also has built-in tutorial/help videos. Simply press on the help button – choose a topic – and watch an easy to understand tutorial.

By pressing and holding down on the pins button, a panel window will appear that allows the user to turn on and off the pins for different systems.

The user can test their knowledge with an interactive quiz. The app rotates the heart and randomly, selects a pin – and then requests identification of this selected pin from six possible multi-choice answers.

The Heart Pro is aimed at students with a basic to advanced level of anatomical medical knowledge as well as medical professionals (users can customize the app by choosing the pins/labels that are applicable to their course or standard).