Mammoth Internet Browser 3.0.0
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Top 25 app in China and top 50 in most stores! Top 10 in “Utilities”!

Mammoth is a web browser specially designed for iOS platform, aiming at providing satisfying and revolutionary users experience.

*Want to switch tabs?
Touch the bottom bar and drag horizontally, all tabs will be moving with your finger like films. Or use the Tab-Expose feature.

*Want a new tab?
Go to the rightmost tab that youíre using, drag more then release to use the new tab and select your favorite site from the clipboard.

*Want to close empty tabs?
You donít need to do that! Mammoth will automatic detect empty tabs and release them from memory.

*Want to organize tabs?
You still donít need to do that! Mammoth has a special AI system to figure out which page do you like or used most frequently,so Mammoth will give you advice and help to manage memory. If you want to do it manually, Tabs-Expose will be a enjoyable way.

*Want to be faster?
Drag up from the bar vertically, and then the gesture indicator will appear, release your finger on the icons to refresh, close tab, or activate Tabs-Expose.


Added in 3.0.0:

* Mammoth VI layer system: Faster tab switching, more beautiful animations.
* Clipboard and Tabs-Expose: Just like desktop browsers, some easy ways to open pages or manage tabs. (Drag up from the bar to activate)
* Integrated Address Bar: Mammoth will now automatically detect the inputed context and decide to visit as URL or search as keywords.
* Sharing links via Twitter.
* History and InPrivate Mode.
* Rotation lock: An icon will appear when the device rotated, touch it to lock the orientation or unlock it.

Added in v2.1.2:

*Full screen mode.
*All new loading effect.

Added in v2.0.0:

1.Advanced Multi Tab System:
*”Drag & Release” to make a new tab.
*AI system will detect your tab preference and helps you to organize or replace tabs when you have used the maximum 7 tabs.
*Auto release empty tabs.
*Closing and resorting tabs.

2.Easy-to-learn Gestures
*The special “Gesture Guide Menu” will appear when you drag up from the bottom bar to activate gesture mode.
*Slide up your finger while switching tabs will make it scroll faster.(Like the iPod control)

3.User EXP and level system

4. Tab index indicator

According to a Internet survey result, I considerately designed the following features:
1.Easy-to-use dock bar.
2.Fast tab switching and fast scrolling.
3.Searching – inside the webpage or over the internet.
4.Translating pages Ė with a simple tap.
5.One-click gathering images or links.
6.Night mode, related search and lockable rotations.
7.Now with 5 themes,and free themes for every update.
8.Retina display support with smooth animations.
9.Built in brightness controller.
10.Drag up to refresh
x.Much more….…PDA5D.ipa.html