My Dreams 1.3 iPhone and iPod Touch

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Interesting and gray, soaked echoes of the past day, or alternatively that carry certain signs that carry us into the distant past or Drawing pictures in the minds of future pleasant or horrible – all our dreams. Their content has long been a mystery to people – at different times there were different interpretations of dreams.
How can solve your sleep? Our program of “My Dreams” was created to help you with this. To learn the interpretation of sleep you need at least expand it into components, identify the most vivid of his moments. After that, you should define them in one word, for example, “parting” or “party” and find it in the annex – the interpretation of dreams will be determined by its value.

The main features of the application:
- Collection of more than 3,900 interpretations of words
- Ability to write their dreams and subsequently published on Facebook and Twitter
- Protecting their records password
- Support for iPad
- Search Horoscopes
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What’s New in Version 1.3

Added the ability to publish your dreams and interpretations to facebook…hirrr.ipa.html