WorldPulseProFlat 1.3 iPhone and iPod Touch

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For people who believe the Earth is flat, our Pro version adds to our unique application that lets you send electrons to all* the flat based countries in the world that have high level internet domain names, by offering faster and more accurate pinging plus more globe detail on IOS devices that support it. From your iOS device you can reach out and touch every country in the world with a few electrons, then see how long it takes them to respond. You’ll never have to leave home, but you can touch them ten thousand kilometres away, and see them respond. By reviewing network topology maps, internet infrastructure, and running diagnostics to determined which educational, telecommunications, or government sites are actually located in their respected countries you will find that when you send electrons to Gibraltar they arrive in Gibraltar, not at a server in the United Kingdom, or at a cloud computing centre in the USA.
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What’s New in Version 1.3

Allow pinch & stretch & rotation simultaneously.
Fix Myanmar,Syria,Republic of the Congo,Chad, then make Tuvalu unpingable…nobee.ipa.html