<div>EvilEye Prank 2.0 iPhone and iPod Touch

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▶ The ultimate entertainment utility for pranks &#038; practical jokes ◀
▶ Locate people via Satellite ◀
▶ Find their personal history of bad-behavior in news articles ◀
▶ Send a link to the news articles to anyone ◀

NOTE: This app is intended for pranks &#038; entertainment purposes, and does not provide true GPS tracking by name functionality. But the prank works like a charm!

How It works:
1. While together with your intended victim, and show him how your iPhone finds him using EvilEye. Select his name from the contact list and EvilEye will find him on the map (its actually just finding your phone, but the victim does not know)
2. Then tell him/her that it can also find news articles about him. Hit news.. and sit back for the reaction Click here to enlarge
3. EvilEye searches a global news server network and retrieves historic articles that exist on the person you are seeking.

✔ You might be surprised at what your friend/victim as been up to, and the news headlines they have received…
✔ The articles are fake… but they are also hilarious
✔ You can send a link to the article to your friends, your chosen contact will be the “star” of the story