iFart Video 1.2

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The most anticipated fart app “iFart Video”, is now out and the farting community has been notified. This is the most exciting and funniest farting app released to date because each fart is on video! Our goal was to build an app that would allow you and your friends to compete against each other in a combative effort to achieve the best fart in the world award. Be part of the latest and hottest technological FART wrenching community ever formed. Don’t doodle around, as its time to jump, spin, and be a moron as you enjoy the biggest blast of your life!

iFart Video puts the power of your gases in the palm of your hands. Now you can be the man of blowing mud and fumes worldwide. Be proud of the call of duty you have been given and not only will others be able to hear your rumble gun fart, but they will also be able to watch your technique in delivering the “ultimate blast of gas”. Download now and then submit your own fart videos for a chance to be added to our App.

Additional feature:

* Watch hot girls and women make rude noises
* All farts sounds are real
* Submit your toot to pollute
* Compete to have your fart “Featured” on this app

This App contains hilarious, funny videos of people farting. You can submit your own videos and have them added to the App in future updates if we approve. Simply use your 3GS video camera or if you have a 2G or 3G, we recommend using iVideoCamera or iCamcorder, which are Apps that allow you to use your camera to shoot video!

So share our app and laugh with your friends, then create your own videos for a chance to become part of farting history! Also send me any suggestions for new names for my fart videos and if I like your idea I will update it! Apple is not sponsoring nor responsible for conducting the promotion.

What’s New

Updated for iOS 4!

Added link to check out the rest of my apps!