Guitar Chords 1.8

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Guitar Chords is a chord library app for iPhone and iPod Touch, packed with many popular chords for learning and reference. The easy to use, all-in-one interface makes for no fuss chord lookups. Simply tap a key & a chord type, and the corresponding chord position will display on the fretboard. Simple as that!

Easily cycle through multiple positions for chords along the neck, and playback the chords to hear how they sound. Note names are displayed above the position markers for learning and reference. Guitar Chords also supports left handed players and has color customizing options.

✔ Right and Left-handed layouts
✔ Easy to use interface for looking up chords – everything is on the one screen
✔ Many different chord types, each with multiple positions along the guitar neck
✔ Guitar neck ‘slides’ between chord positions for visual feedback
✔ Hear what each chord sounds like – touch the markers to play them
✔ Real acoustic guitar sound samples
✔ Note names displayed above finger position markers for learning/reference
✔ Different colored position markers and themes to choose from to customize the app

Join 10′s of thousands of users who have embraced Guitar Chords, and get started learning to play this iconic musical instrument.
What’s new in Version 1.8
- Retina display graphics
- Minor bug fixes…ull29.ipa.html