Halo Reach ULTD 2.5

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What Users have to say:

“This is the future of Game Guides…”
– Bla

“This is a really great app. Highly recommended for Halo Reach fans”
– Djcham445

“It’s so awesome there is nothing left to add!”
– Hooverbell

This app is a comprehensive guide that will tell you everything you need to know and more about Bungie’s latest project: Halo Reach.

Be the first to lay eyes on what is sure to be the biggest game of 2010. This app features all officially released content by Bungie as well as leaked and un-anounced content. This app will be continually updated as more content is released/leaked.

This app includes:
– All Reach achievements and the app lets you check off which ones you have completed. It saves your list and calculates how many gamer-score points you have racked up.
– All character profiles of all known Spartans in the game.
– Weapons to be featured in the game as well as leaked weapons yet to be officially announced
– Virtual Gun Range where users can choose a weapon from the game and try it out. Gun’s fire with realistic shooting action and use actual game audio.
– Soundboard with character voices and weapon sounds.
– Sniper HUD Camera: Use the iPhone’s camera like you are looking through the scope of the human sniper rifle. Tap the screen to save the photo to your picture library.
– Photos of weapons being used in-game
– Wallpaper section with 30+ walls including custom walls you can’t find anywhere else and more added weekly.
– All known multiplayer maps
– All known Game Modes and Game Type Variations
– Multiple photos of each multiplayer map and descriptions
– Custom armor details
– Controller layout and preset details
– Details about Game Editions available for pre-order
– Armory Images/information
– Rank, Commendation, and Credit system explained
– All known armor abilities
– Inside info on new assassination feature
– Vehicle images/information
– Mission briefing including exclusive background information on Reach and the Spartan Project
– Enemy profiles and bios
– Original Bungie Concept Art
– Screenshots of Multiplayer game action
– Screenshots of Campaign game action
– Original Renders of Bungie 3-D models including the evolution of characters
– Information on Reach’s Multiplayer Beta
– Exclusive inside look at features new to the Halo franchise
– Matchmaking Features/Details
– Screenshots of Reach’s Game Menus
– Video Section with video showcasing weapons, armor abilities, vehicles, game modes, and more…
– Section called “Halo Chess”
– Custom Loadout information

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Disclaimer: Jason and RTI Media Group are in no way affiliated with Bungie Studios or Halo Reach. The app is an un-official inside look into everything you would ever want to know about Reach. RTI in no way takes credit for the content, images, descriptions, characters, logos, etc… included in the app. NOTE: THIS IS NOT A GAME.