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Differential Diagnosis from the BMJ Group enables healthcare professionals to reach an accurate diagnosis quickly and efficiently by providing essential mobile decision support information from web tools Best Practice and Clinical Evidence.
You can rapidly review potential differential diagnoses for a wide range of signs, symptoms, laboratory findings and tests. You can browse or search by symptom or disease, and access detailed supporting information to help you make your final diagnosis decision.

The application guides you through history, exam, first tests to order and other tests to consider for over 10,000 differential diagnoses. Results can be sorted by occurrence (common / uncommon) or by category depending on your need. Red flag conditions are highlighted to ensure that you don’t miss any potentially life-threatening diagnoses or conditions with serious avoidable outcomes. The ‘compare’ option enables you to select specific differentials and run a comparison of history and examination findings, to learn the tests and investigations needed to confirm each diagnosis.

You can programme your own specialty to filter out unnecessary content, bookmark or email any page, and add notes to remind yourself of local guidelines or your own previous experience.

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Key features
• Symptom browser allows you to diagnose conditions from initial patient presentation
• Disease browser allows you to find over 10,000 differential diagnoses quickly
• Drill down for further information to support the diagnosis, including history, exam findings, first tests to order and other tests to consider
• Select pertinent diagnoses and compare side-by-side
• Predictive search by symptom or disease
• Browse diseases or symptoms alphabetically, by category, or programme your own specialty
• Sort differentials by category or by common / uncommon diagnosis
• Bookmark, annotate or email any page
What’s new in Version 1.2.1
Now updated with 300 additional conditions and clearer information icons.