IN A WORLD where you can be the star of your own movie trailers… InAWorld…Comedy is a fun app that lets you create and star in your very own movie trailers. It’s a combination of Mad Libs meets the movies that’s very entertaining and surprisingly addictive.

It is a movie trailer creating tool that uses your personal photos, music from the app or your own music library and the voice talent of Jonathan Cook to convey your story. Jonathan Cook is the voice of countless movie trailers, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, FX, CW, WB, Bravo and Nickelodeon. Check out Trust me, you know the voice.

Create your own movie trailer for any situation. With over 400 audio clips to choose from, you have over 2 TRILLION possible combinations. Create scenarios to tell most any kind of story. You create the script, add your own images, choose the music, etc… In just a matter of minutes, the trailer is assembled and ready to view.

Share your trailers with the world. InAWorld now comes with 5 ways to share your movie trailers. Instantly export your trailer and email it to any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user. Or, upload your trailer to Then email your web link to anyone. Or post it to YouTube facebook and twitter.

InAWorld…Comedy also comes with a surprise Easter egg. Additional content that is a little edgier and more suggestive that lets you create some racier trailers. Those of you with children need not worry because there are in-app parental controls that let you limit the content your kids can get their hands on.

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With the seemingly endless choice of dialog clips and the simple interface, this app should be a huge hit with movie fans of all ages. The trailers are great fun to produce and even more fun to share.
What’s new in Version 1.1
• 4.2 iOS Compatible

• Save your trailers to your camera roll

• The option for InAWorld to store your online password for one-click log on