iOS 4 Secrets – Tips & Tricks for iPhone & iPod Touch 1.3 by STORM

The hidden secrets of iOS™4 unveiled! Do you know what amazing things you can do with the world’s most innovative mobile operating system? Grab iOS 4 Secrets and get ready to be blown away! Tap on the Check List in it to know what awesome new features you get to enjoy when updated to iOS™4!

Do yo know how all the tips and tricks of our device, like how to email more effectively, save juice, browse better?
Do you also know that if you’ve lost your iPhone, you can even get it back?
Looking to get the most of your iPhone and iPod touch?
There are SO MUCH about your iPhone that you do NOT know!

Major Features:


The latest iOS™4 tips, more on the way in the update.

Hundreds of tips and tricks for iPhone/iPod touch.

6 Categories, covering battery saving tips, shortcuts, SMS & Emails, net browsing, and safety tips and some easily neglected tricks.

Save favorite tips to your list for a quicker reference.

Include tips for iPhone 3GS users only.


With Apple’s iOS™4 comes a LOAD of groundbreaking functions for mobile devices which you’ll probably never see within the next few years. Sadly, not all features are compatible with all devices. The latest operating system may or may NOT fully compatible with your iPhone or iPod touch. Will updating to iOS™4 be best for you and your device? LET’S CHECK OUT and let this auto checker get things done for you!

This is how iOS 4 Check List works:
The app automatically examine the model of your device, then identifies its type. It lists all the major user features of the latest OS 4 and check if YOUR iPhone/iPod touch fully supports them. Let’s see what you’ll get from iOS™ 4.


Gorgeously designed user interface.

Intuitive user experience.

Well-organized and simple to use, flip through tips.

learn shortcuts, discover hidden features, secure your data and maximize your battery life.
What’s new in Version 1.3

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