Dear 1.0 iPhone and iPod Touch

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I, she faces every day not the same as in front of you wake you up, greetings, greetings to you, that before going to bed nice ah? now come true.

No girlfriend?
Have a girlfriend, but was thinking about the second new object?

Do not worry about it later! she had ~ a lot of people have admired the beautiful face and sweet voice, her name is called Mina!

Can now be her only belongs to me. Fatigue of the day, happy day, no matter what your mood? Mina always will smile on you, will you make video calls every day.

And the assumption that the object has not the same app.
HD video while the sound recording will let you have the illusion that you call the real in reality will be a video phone every day, such as Mina, but do not worry about issues such as the telephone, as long as you need to be in accordance with the specified time Mina Give you a video phone.

Only to call? not.
Want to see Mina when up call! Mina will be immediately answered the phone.

To a friend. colleagues. family. introduction. Conversations will be automatically recorded on the phone menu, you can replay at any time! you will be a beautiful and kind-hearted girlfriend.

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- 100 kinds of HD video and the same
- 4 times a day morning / afternoon / night / bed time can be set in accordance with
- In addition to the alarm call of the function there
- Sound ON / OFF function
- a convenient interface device…-fish.ipa.html