VCooking 2.1 iPhone and iPod Touch by STORM

Top 1 Vietnamese Cooking on AppStore
VCooking is unique application its shows you thousands of Vietnamese dishes from all of Vietnam region with full processing, concrete quantity of these ingredient and calories content of each dish.
You always have to think: ‘’what should you have today?’’, when you make the meal for your family.
It is so easy. VCooking will help you to create these special menus for your family and also help eating and drinking life of your family becoming more plentifully and greater.
Especially, VCooking can help you calculating exactly quantity of foodstuff that you need for your family meal. You just need take iphone following you, when you go to supermarket or market – Vcooking is really a roving encyclopedia for people who love cooking.
If you are too busy, VCooking already has daily menu, party menu, anniversaries and ancestor-worshipping day menu… for you choosing.
And, if you would like to share picture, information, processing…of any dishes or menu that you create for your kith and kin, VCooking will support you in an easy way by sending an email.
This is unique and best application at the moment for whom would like to cook these Vietnamese foods.
1. Region, ingredient, Receipt and type of food details
2. Create your individual menu.
3. Dishes and Menu Ingredient
4. Menu sample
5. Set up Daily Menu
6. E-mail Dishes and Menu Information
7. Mark your favorite Dishes or Menu
8. Thousands Tips and Food Uses
9. Search for
Dish, Daily Tips, Cooking Tips and Food Uses.

What’s new in Version 2.1
Debugging does not display menus templates
(Fix bug: does not display the menu template)

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