iSwissTool 1.0 iPhone and iPod Touch by STORM

The Swiss army knife for iPhone and iPod touch

Now 14 of the most useful digital helpers are combined in one application. “iSwissTool” for iPhone and iPod touch helps in (almost) every situation. Each function is just a tap away and can be reset with a short shaking. This application can be personalized with a name, all functions work on all IOS enabled devices.

All features at a glance
★ Currency converter (22 currencies, real-time quotes)
★ tickers (in Full Screen mode)
★ scale (of course)
★ Memo (record, play and send them as e-mail)
★ converter (for units)
★ GPS information (national and international
Coordinates, speed, calculate)
★ SOS (national and international emergency numbers)
★ Light (white LED lamp or display as a flashlight)
★ Sound Effects (horns, whistles, etc.)
★ volume (decibel display)
★ level (two-dimensional water balance with
Angle display)
★ compass (compass or direction of display)
★ air temperature (current position)
★ height (current positions)

Requirements for GPS, temperature, altitude:
Activate a GPS!

If there is no compass on the iPhone or iPod integration, the
Compass direction display while driving.

The app is still in progress, new features are coming soon.

iSwissTool individual apps written in a mold together a uniform design. Without additional costs or disturbing ads.

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