Drum Meister 3.0 by STORM

“Appeared in TV commercial” – 2010
“Most Amazing Musical Instrument iPhone App” – Mashable (2010)

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Looking for a realistic drum playing application?

Want to arrange components as you like?

Want sliding and playing functions with great responsiveness?

Meeting above needs all at the same time?

Here is a perfect solution for your ideal drum.

Drum Meister will provide you with realistic drum playing environment at your fingertips.

Play drums along with your own MP3 songs in your iPhone / iPod.

* 4 different drum kit sounds (rock, jazz, dance, electronic)
* 10 basic drum components with 12 different sounds played simultaneously
* 8 extra components (4 brushed, side-stick, 2 extra cymbals, and a cowbell)
* Arrange drum components to make your fingers comfortable
* Edit (Add / Remove / Resize) components
* Auto drum rolling (4, 8, 12, 16, 32 beat)
* Mixes high quality poly-phony sounds with no clipping at the end
* 3-D Positioning sounds
* A metronome with adjustable on/off, BPMs and beats
* Open hihat features quick stop
* Record and save your own beats
* 40 pre-recorded beats (Rock, Hiphop, Jazz, Latin, Ballad, Dance, etc)
* Slide and play
* Activates motion sensor for playing bass drum and cymbals
* Great responsiveness for double bass and fast beats
* Animated visual effect

Turn on your favorite song and enjoy !!!

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