AmpKit+ 1.1 iPhone and iPod Touch

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AmpKit is the ultimate amp and effects studio for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch*, with extensive recording, re-amping, audio copy & paste, and sharing capabilities. To enjoy the best possible tones with AmpKit, use AmpKit LiNK to connect your guitar or bass to your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch*.

Ars Technica: “Agile Partners’ better hardware, beautiful graphics, abundance of effects, and the ability to use more than three effects simultaneously makes that application a winner in our book.”

Premier Guitar: “AmpKit is the most impressive amp modeling software that I’ve encountered for the iPhone.”

TUAW: “It sounds awesome! … I’ve been having a blast.”

CrunchGear: “AmpKit’s guitar tones are great! From crushing distortion to kooky tremolo, there are many tones to choose from and it is easy to navigate through the options with speed and efficiency.”

This AmpKit+ version includes everything in the free version PLUS a huge set of additional gear at less than half their individual prices.

That’s right, you get all the gear from the free version…
- Peavey ValveKing amp (clean and lead channels)
- Two ValveKing cabinets (4×12 and 1×12)
- Two pedals (Noise Gate, Elevenizer overdrive pedal)
- Two mics

…PLUS the following gear!
- Peavey 3120 amp with clean, rhythm, and ultra-high-gain lead channels and matching 4×12 cabinet
- Colonel Vintage amp paired with matching 4×10 and 1×12 cabinets
- Vintage Brit amp with matching 2×12 cabinet
- Additional pedals include distortion, fuzz, compressor, chorus, phaser, flanger, reverb, and 10-band EQ!

An amazing array of additional gear, all modeled after real-world equipment, is available for purchase through AmpKit’s in-app Gear Store, for a total of:
- 13 amps (with 21 distinct amp channels), each modeled after the actual circuitry of amplifiers from leading manufacturers.
- 18 effects pedals, including tremolo, distortion, fuzz, reverb, delay, 10-band EQ, octaver, flanger, phaser, vibrato, chorus, compressor, and an all-in-one envelope filter + auto-wah + manual wah with accelerometer tilt support.
- 13 cabinets
- 8 mics
- More than double the number of components of other apps, with more gear on the way!


- Superior, realistic tone quality, modeled after the circuits of actual gear.
- Support for true high-gain operation of amps and pedals, not watered-down substitutes.
- Highly optimized to run on all iOS devices, including the original iPhone.
- Takes full advantage of more powerful iOS devices – run a dozen or more effects at once!
- Ability to place pedals before and after the amp, enabling major enhancements to audio quality.
- Mic positioning control.
- Ultra-low latency.

- AmpKit is a universal app supporting iPad, iPhone and iPod touch*, all with intuitive user interfaces, at no extra cost.
- iPad features include full rotation support, highly effective use of the larger display, amazing new iPad-specific amp and pedal artwork, and much more.

- 75 great predefined amp / pedal presets.
- Create and save an unlimited number of your own custom setups, with Favorites and Locking.
- Share your favorite setups with friends via email.

- Advanced recording: AmpKit creates both “dry” (guitar signal before effects are applied) and “wet” (guitar signal with effects applied) recordings.
- Ability to “re-amp”: re-record a previous session, applying a new amp and pedals setup.

- Audio Copy & Paste: copy AmpKit recordings and paste them in other apps, such as multi-track mixing / mastering apps
- Paste audio from other apps into AmpKit, a great solution for multi-track recording.
- Instant access to your complete iPod music library so you can jam along.
- Download AmpKit recordings to your computer, email recordings, or share using SoundCloud.

- The same high-precision tuner and metronome technology used in GuitarToolkit.

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What’s new in Version 1.1
- iPad support! AmpKit 1.1 is now a universal app supporting iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch* at no extra cost. iPad features include:
- Full rotation support – works extremely well in both landscape and portrait modes.
- Great use of expanded screen real estate (e.g., view as many as 15 Setups or Presets at once).
- Use of popover panels to enable quick editing. With a single touch, expose amp, pedal, and other settings for editing. In landscape mode, edit amp controls while your amp and pedals are fully visible.
- “Now Playing” panel tells you which setup is currently playing and lets you open it with a single touch.
- Amazing new iPad-specific amp and pedal artwork.

- New gear! AmpKit 1.1 includes three amazing new pieces of gear:
- American Acoustic: An acoustic amp with 16 built-in effects and a uniquely modeled speaker cabinet.
- Tremo-LOL: A great new Tremolo pedal with American and British tremolo modes.
- Wahba Doo: Three wahs in one: envelope filter, auto-wah, and manual wah with accelerometer tilt support.

- Great new ways to buy gear! AmpKit 1.1 includes three new bundles featuring discounts ranging from 50% to almost 70% compared with individual component prices! You can buy almost every piece of gear in the Gear Store via these highly-discounted bundles!
- The Effector Pack: 6 great effects pedals including the new Tremo-LOL and Wahba Doo pedals, as well as delay, reverb, octave and vibrato.
- The Clean & Classic Pack: Six amps and eight effects pedals tailored for clean, vintage, and acoustic styles.
- The Power Pack: Six amps with a penchant for gain, plus eight additional gain and compression effects pedals.

- Audio Copy & Paste. You can now copy AmpKit recordings and paste them into other apps such as multi-track mixing / mastering apps. You can also paste audio from other apps into AmpKit as either backing tracks or dry guitar audio. AmpKit supports both Sonoma’s AudioCopy/AudioPaste standard and Apple’s General Pasteboard, for maximum compatibility with other iOS audio apps

- Improved audio quality thanks to post-amp effects. You can now place pedals after the amp in the effects chain, enabling major enhancements to audio quality with many effects, including reverb and delay.
- Instant access to your iPod music library. No lengthy import process, just select a song from your iPod library and jam along instantly.
- Setup Sharing. You can now email your favorite setups and presets to your friends, thanks to the iOS 4’ “Open with …” feature.
- Setup Favorites and Locking. You can now keep track of your favorite setups and presets, and lock setups to prevent accidental modification.
- QuickJump. Conveniently jump from one favorite setup or preset to another without leaving your gear display.
- Recording improvements include the ability to flick-scroll recordings, and an improved composite waveform that shows both wet and dry levels on the same display.
- Rotation support on iPhone and iPod touch so you can use the app with your iPhone or iPod touch inverted (sometimes better for cable routing).
- Enhanced SoundCloud integration including support for keywords and simplified submission of audio to the AmpKit group.

*Except first generation iPod touch…House.ipa.html