iCalCalc Calorie Calculator 1.8.5 by STORM

Choosing the food from the list, enter quantities consumed and enable the daily or monthly evaluation – so easy calorie counting goes with the calorie calculator.
Of course, it counts also the Joule and makes accurate information on the food content of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and BE.
This is handy for those who want to eat low-fat or very high in protein.
Ideal for professionals and singles, which often reach into the freezer, are the many meals that are listed with the manufacturer’s name.
For diabetics, athletes and everyone who wants to decline.
Whether favorite pizza or cappuccino ice cream, with more than 5800 food products, almost everyone finds what he needs.
The database is expandable with your own meals drinks and sports.

The new version is now also suitable for people who suffer an increased risk of stroke.
A grease change disturbance in the form of increased cholesterol levels may increase the risk of stroke.
With this version of the Calorie Calculators, you can monitor the amount of cholesterol that you take the daily diet.
Cholesterol levels are given for approximately 15oo food.

english version only in version 1.7 – available soon