REMINDERS! Simple Todo and Alerts 1.4 Click here to enlarge
★★★★★ UPDATED! Enjoy V1.4 ★★★★★ Featured in the App Store in over 70 Countries! ✖ Working on 1.5 ✖ We are actively getting you feedback from our site!
The most straight forward Reminder and Todo App for iPhone
Reminders! enables you to quickly add Tasks and ToDos that require a future Action. It goes beyond, allowing you to quickly execute your Actions through the iPhone / iPod Touch’s own notification dialogue. Extremely optimized, no lags like the other apps!
Never forget calls, emails, deliveries, meeting and more… Ever again!
✓ Action focused reminders
✓ Intelligent input
✓ iPhone’s own notification dialogue
✓ Quickly make a Call
✓ Quickly Check a Webpage
✓ Quickly Send a Email
✓ Quickly Send a SMS/Text Message
✓ Address Book Support
✓ In iPhone Mail Message Composing
✓ In iPhone SMS(Text Message) Composing
✓ Safari Bookmarklet for quick URL import
✓ 20 Custom Alert Sounds
✓ "Default Time" Settings
✓ New Action Selector
✓ Custom SNOOZE
✓ Current Actions: Call, Meet, Todo, Email, SMS, Workout, Buy, Delivery, Check, Pick Up
✓ Unlimited alerts & notifications
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Featured in the App Store in 70 Countries!
What’s new in Version 1.4
- Added repeating events: hourly/daily/weekly/annually/weekends/weekdays/M-W-F/T-R
- Note: if you snooze a repeating event, a new event is created which doesn’t repeat, but will happen in 5 minutes (or whatever your snooze time is).
- Added: in edit mode, the Delete button is now a menu with lots of choices: select all/none/late, send to Fri/Sat/Sun and of course, Delete.
- Added: “Prescription” action, for taking your pills
- Faster: Pick a contact with single phone number, no need to drill down further.
- Fixed: ACTION text at top of detail page had become WHERE
- Revised icon slightly.
- Support email contains more useful debug info.…niQue.ipa.html