iVocabulary 2.2

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Dec 17, 2009
Version: 2.2
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Vocabulary is the vocabulary trainer in your pocket. You can train your own vocabulary or choose out of more than 2500 vocabulary files available for download. Learn new vocabulary while you're in a bus, train, café, airplane on the beach or wherever you like.

"I am now thoroughly addicted to iVocabulary for my language work. " - Mark M.

"iVocabulary has been really useful in learning Mandarin, definitely. It's a good way to learn even better the characters I studied at University. Thank you for that =)" - Jigmé T.

Download vocabulary from more than 2500 files created by a huge community. Choose your vocabulary for many languages including but not limited to: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese ... The available files can be browsed and easily be downloaded inside iVocabulary.

Add or modify your vocabulary on the iPhone and even create new vocabulary files.

You can also build your own vocabulary or flash cards files on your Mac or PC using the free and easy to use applications ProVoc (Mac) or Vocabulary Editor (Windows, Linux) available on the iVocabulary website. Collect your vocabulary using the desktop applications and upload them directly to iVocabulary to take them with you. After you modified files or added new files in iVocabulary, you can download them to your Mac or PC to update the files there.

- Browse and download vocabulary files (and improve / extend them)
- Create your own vocabulary files
- Record sound and take pictures to words
- Import your existing vocabulary from CSV files
- Learn new words with a slideshow
- Test your knowledge by multiple-choice or written test
- Edit your own vocabulary on your Mac / PC and upload to iVocabulary
- Structure your vocabulary in chapters and pages
- Search for vocabulary
- Download modified files to your Mac for ProVoc
- Get direct feedback through a pie chart
- See your learning progress in a history bar chart
- Adjust the training modes to your preferences

To get an idea of iVocabulary you can have a look at the screenshots and howto videos on the iVocabulary support website.

iVocabulary lets you download all files available for ProVoc from Arizona. You can check what files are available before buying iVocabulary here: http://www.arizona-software.ch/provoc/vocabulary.html

If you have got questions please look at the iVocabulary support website or ask via mail. If you are interested in news of iVocabulary you can follow it in twitter: http://twitter.com/iVocabulary

Yappler-Tags: vocabulary, trainer, study, learn, language, ProVoc, slideshow, written, multiple-choice, own What's new in Version 2.2
Thanks a lot for all helpful issue reports and ideas you sent me! I really appreciate that!

New Features:
- Take / choose picture for word
- Record audio
- Improved word editor (leaner UI)
- Improved server for web UI to use less memory
- Improved written text to make using the "give hint" function easier

Bug Fixes:
- Improved web UI for browsers other than Safari (sorry for any inconveniences)