Release Date: June 4, 2014
Firmware Version Required : 11.0.00
ATF Box USB Driver Required:

Download ATF 11.41 via the AUTOUPDATE SERVER!!!

Nokia Android Root Kit 1.2

Universal ROOT Method For Nokia X, X+ and XL

Tested On:

Nokia X Firmware:
----> 10.0.3
----> 11.11.1
----> (REVISION 2)

Nokia X+ Firmware:

Nokia XL Firmware:
----> (STOCK)
----> (REVISION 2)

*** After Phone is ROOTED, you can Install Google Services + Launcher
*** After Phone is ROOTED, you can Backup IMEI, Simlocks


ATF DOES NOT USE ADB.EXE or FASTBOOT.EXE. Please make sure that ADB.exe and FASTBOOT.exe are not RUNNING before trying to ROOT your Phone because ATF will automatically close ADB.exe and FASTBOOT.exe even if you are still busy flashing an HTC Phone or doing some other Android Tweaks via ADB...

For this Update, we give Credits to:
----> Chainfire - author of
----> dhacker29 - author of TWRP for Nokia Android
----> Dee Troy - author of TWRP

ATF Android Root Kit 1.2 v11.41 Update!! Public Discussion Thread:

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