R-SIM PATCH iPhone Sprint (CDMA) 3G & SMS bug fix Software v4.1.1.3 UPDATE.
This new Update is made to fix bugs like "activation code verify fail" & "Server Time out errors" that require you to remove your cable and reinsert to fix.

This new update is done after your feedback complains about "activation code verify fail" errors and we can now Guaranty you there will never be this problems again if you used the right software with the right codes.

Do you have SMS & 3G Problems with iPhone 5/4S CDMA/WCDMA ( Sprint/Japan SB/AU/Verizon ) ?

This PATCH Will fix 3G and 4G 128k, 256K SIMCRADS unlock problems, Solve SMS problems on CDMA/WCDMA iPhones when unlocked. This PATCH does NOT required Jailbreak, Very easy to install with a cable
DownLoad The PATCH and Connect your iPhone to your PC with Cable and Open the Downloaded File.

How to get this PATCH ?

We Have 2 Universal PATCH Softwares that are same but due to security reasons the codes will work depending on when you purchased it. If you are NOT sure then simply try the 2 PATCH softwares.

1- For R-SIM PATCH Activation Codes bought after JULY,22 (iOS5/6/7) Please DOWNLOAD this PATCH

2 - For R-SIM PATCH Activation Codes bought from JUNE 20 TILL JULY 21 (iOS5/6/7) Please DOWNLOAD this PATCH

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