It has been a while since i had time to release a new version. The major news
is WP7 Lumia unlock if your phone is jailbroken (710,800). If your 710 is not
rooted yet, just do it with NSS first. Unlock is straightforward process, just go to
Simlocks->WP7, press Unlock and follow instructions.

Here what else is new:

17 July 2012, v 0.50

- Bug fix from previous version, where open cod file button was
looking for .ask file
- Updates on SX-5 Cod file to unlock codes converter. Data from
the .cod file will be shown (imei,hash and intermediate code)
- PM write now will try to do SX-4 auth via locally connected
smart card(PC reader) on important sections
- Generate unlock codes using original SX-5 connected to the
PC locally implemented
- Lumia Unlock is finally public feature, enjoy!
- Restore simlock in Lumia(needs backup from unlock process)

Note: Since this solution will be immediately copied - a message to the
guys that have been piggybacking on my SL3 BF unlock for the last 3 years:
Guys, I wish you prosperity and happiness for the next 3 years... Enjoy!


As usual, Best Regards to everyone