***Gsm Finder PC Ver 2.2.3 (Read BCM ID & V9c TAB unlock) Released***

[Just Download and Run it]

Whats new in Gsm finder V2.2.3 PC version?

Nk tool
Added Read Broadcom Unique ID via usb
(PC- CPU 5 credits/DONGLE-CPU no credits)promotion with 2 credits for 10 days
(PC- A 30 credits/DONGLE-A no credits)
(Models:C3-00 RM-614,X2-00 RM-618,X2-01 RM-709,X2-03 RM-709,X2-01.1 RM-717,2710c RM-586,7020 RM-497)

Cdma Tool
Added Reliance V9c tab sp unlock and read info
(PC/DONGLE-no credits)beta version

A= Activation ( unlimited usage for service)
CPU= Credits per unit (based on per usage of service)

Public Discussion & Download Link

Gsm Finder Team