Security Repairer V0.0.7.1 - CD 70 / DVD 90 repair after wrong flashing

Latest Update :

- Opel, CD 70 Navi, GMGEHU4C1-01, 24c64 by Siemens VDO
- Opel, DVD 90 Navi, 24c64 by Delphi

You can repair navigations via dump or via Direct Mode.
Details are build-in tool, in model description.

- Fiat, Ducato 250 CD, BP8582, 7 648 582 316, 95640 by Bosch
- **************, Sound 5 NG, HA1111, 24c256 by Hyundai

Sound 5 by Hyundai is now supported for clearing PROD on screen too Click here to enlarge

How to update? Run sec.exe or download and get latest version via setup:

Check supported models and Clip functions in demo version

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