Some informations regarding this new product:

With the help of SCS you can join together your BruteForce PC-s power and work on one phone at a time.

What is this system all about?
This is a client- server based distributed computing system, which can be used to automatically distribute
Sl3 calculation work to many machines in the most simple format. Calculation is automated so all you
need to do is set up the applcations, fill in the phoneQue with sl3log files and push start button. With
the help of sl3cluster system you can save energy costs and time!

Version 1.1 changeLog:

- Load settings and reconnection to clients(automatic) introduced.
- restore function introduced.
- status info shows all clients information about the current % where they are.

version 1.2

- Fixed restore bug on client side, when sending back code, when server shutted down and reconnected.

- Status info improved.
Client settings are saved now automatically, and also loaded on startup, So you dont need to enter OCL working directory, server IP and videocard, operating system settings every time you start the software.

- bcl format reading introduced.

SL3 Cluster System v1.0 is out!(FAQ)

... more coming soon