Let's make some tests.

download setool2 v1.1099

make sure you have firmware with android 2.x, NOT 1.6.
flash required firmware, if needed.

power on phone without sim card, go to menu->settings->applications->development, enable "usb debugging"
connect phone to PC, install drivers from setool2 v1.1099 distr ( drivers\ADB_Drivers)

i suggest to import DisableADBNumbering.reg, however that is not required.

select proper phone model.
on settings check signed mode, use alternative security bypass, do full unlock instead usercode reset
press unlock

follow program directions.

when program tells "warming up...", manually power on phone fully, cause it will automatically enter charging mode.

after you see "GETTING ROOT ACCESS ..." DO NOT TOUCH PHONE until procedure complete.

it can happen ( very unlikely, though ) that ADB server will not recognize phone after reboot, so
IF phone not detecting automatically and on status bar you can see "waiting for phone...", again - only in that case - disconnect phone from usb and connect it again, procedure should continue.

if not, well, repeat from start.

during testing period procedure will be free, however testing period will be very short ( until i wake up ) and credits will be taken after that,depending on testing results.

we tested service thoroughly and all went fine, but... well, you got idea.
no any warranty, your phone can be killed,etc,etc,etc.

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