TDS Tool - Free Nokia DCT4(+) RPL Calculator v 1.0

This small utility allows of standalone calculation of
RPL files for the DCT4 and DCT4+ generation of Nokia
mobile phones. The files are compatible with all models
that have the combination of UPP + UEM chipset. Generated
files contain 2 sections: DATA1 and DATA2, those are needed
as follows:

DATA1 - data goes into HW PMM area of the phone(bottom 0x100 bytes
in the flash chip)

DATA2 - data goes to the OTP area of the UEM chip, used by HW logic
to lockdown security watchdog timers

Both areas are related, as DATA1 contains encrypted UEM WD unlock password

To calculate just enter UEM/ESN and press Calculate. File will be created
in the program directory. Then load to the phone with your favourite flasher.

This is a free release, with the hope will be usefull to the community.

For any questions: @bphreaks on Twitter