In first i say great thanks to all ppl everyone who cared about Mkey from cleare heart.

So also:

Igor [aka EGOR in icq]- Kharkov city
Adrian - Sheffield city
Sassa - Alger city
Maxim - Donetsk city
Добрый Дядя - Minsk city

And all other friends...

Goodbye JTAG - Half dead modems can be easy repair by Mkey NOW!

Mkey Smart-Flasher Tool avariable now for beta-tester!.

Mkey Smart-Flasher Features:

• Easy Flashing ZTE modems with denied DL mode by one click. World First!
• Repair without JTAG half/dead modems what stay on Download Mode! World First!
• Downgrade/Upgrade/Rebrand modem firmware! World First!
• Repair errors in Encrypted File System World First!
• Repair/Recovery NVM, EFS, AMSS and other firmware parts by one click World First!
• Unlock modems with customized firmware by upgrade to other! World First!
• CPU Support for MSM6246/MSM6290

Mkey-Modem Unlock Key advantages by over others teams.

- No need wait when developers create direct unlocking modem with customized firmware, because can be easy Downgrade & Upgrade to other modem firmware.

- No need buy Jtag for repair modems what stanby on Download mode, because more then 80% modems can be repair by flashing in SecureDL mode on Mkey.

- No need pay private-unlocking solutions because all the also solve by reflash.

- You want rebrand modem with customized firmware or dashboard to other ? - this is easy for you by one button click.

- You looking more ? stay be with us, and take incomming innovation way.