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    Hot CPF BOX2 many many updates and some new CPUs was supported!


    Update details:

    Update MTK Expanded platform V3.33
    Improved MTK boot A for MTK6223
    Improved MTK format

    Improved MTK NAND Flash write
    Supported new cpu MTK6268 read write format
    Improved MTK expanded platform write for MTK6235

    Update Spreadtrum platform v4.11
    Added some new flash ic for 6600LCPU
    Improved boot "H" for 6600L and WT6226A write
    Supported WT6228 CPU read write

    Added a new platform MSTAR
    Supported 8535/8538/8533 NOR Full flash read write
    Supported 8528 NOR Full flash read write
    Supported 8535/8538 NAND Full flash read write
    Supported 8533C Nor Full flash read write
    Supported phonelock,simlock,steallock

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    Default Re: CPF BOX2 many many updates and some new CPUs was supported!

    seperti nya bug ??? masih menempel !!! kyk up-date sebelum nya tuch !!!

    *bagi yg lain nya yg udah tested/jajal,saya mohon tuk share nya,ok !!!

    ditunggu !!!

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