Hi all
Good news for all hosting users

4G perfect sims for all iphone come out today

No more TMSI

1. It can automatically unlock all types of iPhone from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11!
2. Among them, triple network type phone(support FDD/TDD+CDMA)in iPhone 6S, 7, 7p, 8, 8p, X are perfectly unlocked, with automatic signal, no activation interface and no disconnection!
3. The perfect unlocking of iPhone 7, 7p, 8, 8p, X and other models of triple network(support FDD/TDD+CDMA) is for all carriers, any SIM card.
4. Other types of mobile phones are instant off-line automatic activation and recovery signals. All carriers and any SIM card are automatic signals without manual operation.
5. You can directly set the SMS center service number for the current SIM card in the DB plus card by SIM application.
6. IOS 13.0 and above can also automatically pop up the menu

Vedio for it :