Falcon Box
Next Generation Repairing Tool
Miracle Falcon Samsung v3.2

(Thunder Edition) 5th August 2019

[X] Release Notes Miracle Falcon Samsung v3.2
[+] More then 150+ Model Added.
[+] Carrier Change Option in Cert Tool Write carrier code and Press Write Will Display original csc Code Before Write.
[+] Option to Disable System ui in Custom Recovery Mode.

[+] Show Version Info in Modem Mode.
[+] New Smart Method to Disable Frp Lock for Adb Enabled Devices This Method will Disable Frp On Latest Sec Patches also.
[+] Option to unpack lz4 Files Please note unpacking is still on beta stage do test and report.
[+] Fixed Minor gui Bugs.

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Br[SV]Miracle Team