AQUA Dongle v2.3 All Module Active Update 18/6/2020

eMMc ISP Active
Qualcomm Active
MediaTek Active
Samsung Active
Huawei Active
Sony Active
Oppo Active
Vivo Active
MI [Xiaomi] Active
More Brand Coming Soon-----

[Added] Local & Server DataBase Update Now Show Aqua Latest version
Fixed! Access Violation Bug
Fixed! Manager Module Links
[Added] Sw will notify if New Update is Available

Qualcomm Module Update
Supported Qualcomm Chipsets with AutoDetection:
MSM8909,MSM8x10,MSM8x26,MSM8916,MSM8917,MSM8920,MS M8929
MSM8936,MSM8937,MSM8952,MSM8953,MSM8960,MSM8974,MS M8976

[Added] Qualcomm Auto Detection for 270+ Ids
[Added] Qualcomm Manual Models Database Count : 1100+
Update Device Identification Function
Update Factory Method for FS-Format
Update Adb Functions
[Added] Bypass Startup Wizard
Improved! Qualcomm Vivo Edl Functions
Improved! Firehose Protocol
Improved! Ufs Protocol
Improved! Protocol Connections
Improved! Old CPU Flashing
Improved! Partition Backup Speed
Improved! Flashing Speed
Improved! Software UI and software performance
[Added] Reboot to EDL from Fastboot Some Device's May Not Work
Fixed! Slow Read With Some Devices

MediaTek Module Update
[Added] MTK DLL Protocol
SUPPORTED SOC's MTK CHIPS Dual Mode Protocol :
AQUA EXE Protocol & DLL Protocol
MT6570, MT6571, MT6572, MT6573, MT6574, MT6575, MT6577, MT6580, MT6582, MT6583,
MT6589, MT6592, MT6595, MT6735, MT6735M, MT6737, MT6737M, MT6737T, MT6739,
MT8125, MT8127, MT8135, MT8163, MT8167, MT8173, MT8312, MT8321, MT8382, MT8783

[Added] Read Device Information [Meta Mode, Flash Mode, Adb Mode]
MTK Meta Mode Features
[Added] Read Network Lock Codes in Meta Mode
[Added] Direct Unlock in Meta Mode
[Added] Read Pattern Lock in Meta Mode
[Added] Factory Reset in Meta Mode
[Added] Safe Imei Repair IMEI1,IMEI2,IMEI3 & IMEI4 in Meta Mode
!!!!Devices with SLA Not Work For Repair Without Auth! (Even if Meta started)
!!!!Devices with OTP Not Work For Repair! (SW will just show write error)

MTK Flash Mode Features
[Added] Read Pattern Lock in Flash Mode
[Added] Remove Frp Lock in Flash Mode
[Added] Factory Reset in Flash Mode
[Added] Deep Factory Reset in Flash Mode
[Added] Disable Screen Locks Encrypted Devices Latest Patches
[Added] Enable Screen Locks Encrypted Devices Latest Patches
[Added] Fix Dl-Image in Flash Mode
It can fix DL Image Failed Error which comes after Format/FRP
[Added] Backup,Restore NVram in Flash Mode
[Added] Forensic Features Read Sms,Call Logs,Phonebook

DA Loader Database Update With Some Models:
1 Model [DA] Work With Many Diffrent Brand Model's
You Can Check by Your Self Model Can Be Found in The Model List
[Added] 36 #ids for Auto Detection
[Added] 50+ Da Loaders in Da.dll
QMobile Sec DA Agents included
Mobicell Sec DA Agents included
Lava Sec DA Agents included
Micromax Sec DA Agents included
Symphony Sec DA Agents included
TECNO Sec DA agents included
ALCATEL Sec DA Agents included
Hisense Sec DA Agents included
Moto Sec DA Agents included
Huawei Sec DA Agents included
Lenovo Sec DA Agents included

MTK Smart Flasher :
[Added] Flash Support NAND
[Added] Flash Support Emmc
[Added] Smart Erase
[Added] Smart Safe Flash Without Any Risk Safe Flashing
[Added] Write Firmware Normal,Force Mode,Erase Mode
[Added] Custom Partition Manager Read,Write,Wipe
[Added] Manual Mode Selection And Enabled Pre-Erase All Then Full Flash
[Added] Manual Mode Selection And Enabled Full Erase Then Flash
[Added] New feature: unmerged signature support
[Added] Files with external signatures now flash correctly
[Added] Firmware Reader / Maker:
Update: Scatter creation support latest platforms and variants
Update: Scatter compatibility with SPFT optimized
[Added] FileSystem creation and params now generated according Android version

Added MTK More Models in Manual DataBase
Total Manual Models Count : 620+

File Server Support Fully Free For Aqua Dongle User
[Added] Over 300Gb Xiaomi Firmwares to Support
[Added] Show Android Version Equivalent Miui Version
[Added] Show Fw Code for Each Model
[Added] Separate Fastboot Firmwares
[Added] Separate Sideload Firmwares


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AQUA Dongle Team