Easy draw
One account like dongle teach hardware repairer how to repair .

1.bitmap (others have)
2.schemetic diagram (others have)
3.maintance case-how to repair(others no have)
4.bitmap and schemetic diagram check automaticly(others no have)
5.use 3 pc at same time(others can not)

How to fix the iphone 8p no touch problem
release it free today for all gsmhosting member

A:you can use 3 different pc at same time ,that mean you can share the account with other friends .
B:you can try it free for 3 days .only register it ,than can use it .
download address:
C:if your antivirus grogram tell you it is virus ,not worry ,ignore it or accept .bz we add the case for protect the software not be hacked