RCD AMS3 update - new models added to supported list.

CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C939-AA
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C939-AB
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C815-CA
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C815-CAYTAI
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C815-DAXPBG
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C939-BA
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C939-BB
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C939-CB
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C939-DA
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18C939-EB
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18K817-CD
CDMP3 Visteon Ford V6C3F-18K817-CD
4050 RDS EON Visteon Ford YM21-18K876-FA
4050 RDS EON Visteon Ford YM21-18K876-FB
5500R Visteon Ford 2L5J-18C838-AA
6000 CD Sony Fordy 7M5T-18CN39-FB
6000 CD Visteon Ford 8S7F-18C815-AC
C307/C214-MP3/RDS Sony Ford 4M5T-18CB15-BK
CD132-NAV Visteon Ford 5S7T-18B988-AG
CD132-NAV Visteon Ford 5S7T-18B988-AH
CD132-NAV Visteon Ford 5S7T-18B988-AJ
CD3XX-CD6-ISLAND-GGDS Sony Ford 7S7T-18C939-DD
CD3XX-CD6-ISLAND-GGDS Sony Ford 7S7T-18C939-EB

How to update Box III? Run martech_ams3.exe or download:

Check supported models and functions in demo version:

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