Version 2.28 (7th March 2016)

{What News}

🖝 1.Samsung Add DRK Repair (UART CABLE).
# Advance Function.

🖝2.MTK Add 6582 EMMC New Mobile Model Support (Need Boot loader Unlock).
# If MTK Phone no Port can't connect to Phone.
may be need need boot loader unlock then appear Port to Phone.

🖝3.MTK Improve Remove Virus.
# Add Virus DB and Improve Scan File System.
# Add Manually Select Remove the APK.

🖝4.MTK Improve IMEI.
# Add New Method in Factory Mode.
# Fix some bugs in Factory Mode.
# Add New Method in Meta Mode.

🖝5.SPD Improve 8810/6820 Boot.
# New Flash ID Supported.

🖝6.SPD Add 8810/6820/7710.
# Nand New Flash ID Support.

🖝7.Android Improve Motorola/HTC FRP Reset (No Need Root).
# No Need Root Your Motrola/HTC FRP Reset in single Click.

🖝8. Server API Change Connectivity Fast.
# As per user Complaints Change Server Settings.

🖝9. Desktop Icon Bug Solved.
# Old Setup Desktop Icon Create Bug Solved.

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Br. [SV] Miracle Team