Truly for China Mobile
Version 2.28 (29th February 2016)

{What News}

1.Samsung Add DRK Repair (UART CABLE).
# Advance Function.

2.MTK Add 6582 EMMC New Mobile Model Support (Need Boot loader Unlock).
If MTK Phone no Port can't connect to Phone.
may be need need boot loader unlock then appear Port to Phone.

3.MTK Improve Remove Virus.
# Add Virus DB and Improve Scan File System.
# Add Manually Select Remove the APK.

4.MTK Improve IMEI.
# Add New Method in Factory Mode.
# Fix some bugs in Factory Mode.
# Add New Method in Meta Mode.

5.SPD Improve 8810/6820 Boot.
# New Flash ID Supported.

6.SPD Add 8810/6820/7710.
# Nand New Flash ID Support.

7.Android Improve Motorola FRP Reset (No Need Root).

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Br. [SV] Miracle Team