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JAF Virtual PKEY v5.0 released:
- Work with latest (today) official update 1.98.66 beta5
- As usual, NO NEED any P(otato)-KEY, fully emulated in software
- Always report to JAF Main software "fake" 01.B4 JAFBox firmware version
- Work with ANY JAFBox firmware version inside box (e.g. 01.B0, 01.B1, 01.B2, 01.B4)
- Make JAFBox TEA Authentification (if needed, for firmware versions 01.B2 and 01.B4) before starting JAF Main software 1.98.66 beta5

Download link:

Click Here For Download
Enjoy using latest JAF update 1.98.66 beta5 without P(otato)-KEY and without headaches made by original JAF Main softwares who force to have some specific firmware version inside JAFBox.

As usual, keep buying Raskal's products if want loose your money.
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