Dear Blackberry users,
My name is Aleksandra and I am a community manager at eBuddy XMS.
I would like to introduce you to eBuddy XMS application. This is a free real-time messaging app for Android and iPhone, which is now also available for Blackberry!
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I decided to start the thread where you can ask all questions about the application and share your ideas. Please feel free to do so; we are really interested in hearing your opinion!
How to download eBuddy XMS for my Blackberry?
Go to from your Blackberry browser to download an app for your phone!
Moreover, you will also be able to access from your computer using Web XMS. If you have XMS installed on your phone and Facebook connected to your account, you can access XMS through
More information at and our support page:
We also want to invite you to our beta community. You will be able to test latest features and profive your feedback. To subscribe, please follow this link:
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Happy XMSing,