MeterBerry – The Ultimate System Management Utility 2.5.0 BlackBerry

MeterBerry – The Ultimate System Management Utility replaces multiple applications with one, and does it better!

* Auto-refreshing status screen displays battery, memory, and device info and statistics.
* Calculates average battery discharge rate over time.
* Discharge rate is resettable, allowing you to detect a failing battery, or to determine how operating system updates or third party applications affect battery usage.
* Discharge rate resets automatically upon application installation and when the phone is charged.
* Calculates remaining battery time until full discharge.
* Calculates change in free application memory since the device was last started, allowing you to detect memory leaks.
* Customizable, dynamic home screen icon shows battery level, battery temperature, battery time remaining, free memory, change in free memory since startup, or uptime since the phone was last restarted.
* Choose a single icon or rotate between multiple icons at a selectable rate.
* Icons change color to indicate status.
* Customize at what levels icons change color to suit your specific needs.
* Displays battery, temperature, or memory info in the banner / notification area.
* Customizable battery and memory notifications. Be notified when your battery or memory drops below a threshold you specify, even when MeterBerry isn’t open.
* Reset your device when memory drops below a threshold you specify.
* Logs battery level, free memory, signal strength, and temperature over time. Track down applications that are causing excessive battery usage or memory leaks. Find areas or times of the day where your signal strength drops. Determine if your phone is overheating.
* Add personalized notes to the logs to help track changes to your phone.
* Initiate a soft-reset (battery pull) on-demand or schedule one daily at a specific time to free up memory and resources.
* Scheduled resets provide a 10 second warning window when they can be cancelled to avoid interfering with current tasks.
* Be notified when a scheduled reset was missed due to your device being locked or holstered, or because you were on the phone, with the option to perform the reset immediately.
* Initiate the Java garbage collector on-demand or hourly when the phone is idle to free up memory and resources.
* View the system Event Log to troubleshoot application or operating system problems.
* Clear the system Event Log hourly when the phone is idle to free up memory.

Requirements: BlackBerry (OS) v4.7 or higher.

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