Hi Friends,

I would like to share with you about Power-boss. Power-boss, puts you in control of your battery, providing unparalleled power management with features that boost the juice. Power-BOSS provides automated updates on available battery life for everything from texting to talking to taking in the latest blockbuster. There are other power management apps but not one delivers the unique features of Power-boss. Override the default 5% battery shutdown and make that final call before calling it a day. Power-boss let’s you make those last important calls, send those last texts or listen to that download one more time. You make the call with Power-boss.

Power-BOSS extends battery life by cutting down on wasted signal searches when you’re off the grid. Lots of warning time with Power-BOSS so you’re never at a loss for words. Power-BOSS enables you to override system defaults to get out those last few messages or even a short call– even when your Berry is gasping for air-time.