Hologram Live Wallpaper Full v2.1.2
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Hologram Live Wallpaper allows you to create a 3D hologram as your home screen. The screen moves as you move and creates a 3D depth to the scene.
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New objects being can be downloaded from the website.
Use the default skin or try one of the many preset textures and colors.
Look at the screen from the top down and rotate the device to simulate a 3D environment.
This is a Live Wallpaper so it requires Android version 2.1+ as well as livewallpaper support (some 2.1 devices do not have this).
Also, since it is a live wallpaper, it will not appear in your application drawer and must be applied from the “Live Wallpaper” selection screen in wallpaper options.
What’s in this version:
- Added option to select custom images from your gallery for objects
- Cleaned up texture selection settings
- Reduced minimum wall depth option to 1 (was 10) to allow for shorter scenes
- Fixed up object 1, object 2 and object 3 texture maps
- Fixed honeycomb orientation sensor update speed
- Fixed honeycomb orientation axis
- Cleaned up texture management
- You can now use any file manager to select pictures instead of just the stock gallery
Provided by: -Market Militia-
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