BomberBunnies v1.1
Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: Fast paced, high calorie game to test your reflexes.
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The bomber bunnies are on the war path and
it’s you job to destroy them before they turn you into dessert.The fast paced, high calorie game tests your reflexes; your only mission is to be the last bunny standing by blowing away the competition with your calorific chocobombs.
Avoid your bunny meeting a sticky end by using skill, logic and technique, as well as the specially designed power ups, to navigate your bunny out of harm’s way and on to the next level. But, be warned, at each level you will be
faced with crazed bunnies who have eaten one too many carrots and are out to get you.
Bomb them before you end up in the shops next Easter…
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