Talking Nado Hutos Free v1.0
Requirements: Android 2.1 up
Overview: It is a pet Hutos that reacts and imitates in a funny voice everything you say when you touch Nado.
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You can tickle or poke with your finger or dance with Nado.
The pet Nado Hutos has six special movements.
But Talking Nado Hutos Free app has two special movements.

★★★ How to play ★★★
ⅴ Nado greets well.
ⅴ When you talk to Nado, it will imitate in a funny voice everything you say.
ⅴ Nado gets ticklish when you caresses it.
ⅴ You can poke the head, the tummy or the feet of Nado with your fingers.
ⅴ Nado plays with cables.
ⅴ Nado loves balls.

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