Monster Madness v1.3 [Tegra 2 Required]
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Life in suburbia for four teenagers just took a turn for the worse because in a world where brain-hungry zombies run rampant, nothing's the way it used to be! Take on wave after wave of staggering zombies and foul creatures with upgradeable weapons; power-up accessory items and vehicular combat. Explore 5 massive and detailed environments in this top-down shooter full of panic-inducing pleasure! It's up to you to purge the world of the undead in a blast of Unreal® Engine 3 powered arcade exhilaration! You'll be lucky to survive, but if you do, you'll save the 'burbs from a fate worse than un-death.

· A console experience in the palm of your hand thanks to Tegra 2's capabilities

· Powered by Unreal® Engine 3 for phenomenal graphics