Dragon of the Three Kingdoms v2.2
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: In AD 225, a long war was happened in China. The commander-in-chief of SHU kingdom named Kong Ming order the first general Zhao Yun to Battle with Nanman Barbarians. Falling stones, rolling logs, poisonous springs, attacks of malaria are everywhere in Nanman. The king of Nanman named Meng Huo is so stronger and crueler than everyone. Can you help Zhao Yun to finish his impossible mission?

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-This title is an Action RPG(arcade beatem up).
-New boss characters just like Meng Huo, Lady Zhu Rong, Wu Tu Gu.
-New armies: Elephant warrior, Cane armor-clad soldier, Fire witches, poisonous snakes & wildest beasts.
-New riding system: you can ride the horse or elephant to fight to enemy.
-New magic system: by collecting a fixed amount of flags, you can push the FLAG/MAGIC icon button to clear full-screen enemies.
-New BAR system: when the green bar in the left up side fulled, you can push the FIRE icon button to launch a special powerful attack.
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