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D.A.R.K. window
A lot of the single player campaign will have you play for several hours is over.
A wide variety of game, in the gun battle puzzles, make sure that you always in your toes.
Atmospheric soundtrack and fierce weapon sound effects closed 11 action.
Explore the ship of upgrades and cash, and development of your character you think appropriate how.
Troubled narrative will keep in your toes, and immersed in the world of science fiction sorrow.
Tip 3 D graphics look absolutely breathtaking, will promote your hardware is the largest.
Intuitive, can be customized to the control plan, make precision is both interesting and easy to kill the enemy.
Thousands of weapons and items, to find and upgrades add in other games have not depth level.
Three difficulty levels choose so anyone can play, no matter you are the novice or veteran.
To fully support the achievements and the charts, so you can see how you stack with other players
Note: the first operation need to open 3 G or WIFI to run, any hint all click YES can

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