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Version: 1.1.0
Joining Hands is a go hand in hand lovely kind of game, the route to eliminate but compared to traditional eliminate a kind of game like with some color piece different, this game is some very lovely small (Peablins) instead of color piece, the game is a little similar with the traditional three matching game, as long as three or more SIMS (Peablins) and hand in hand together, they will be clean off.
The game features:
-innovation and elegant, easy;
-interest and interaction, and suitable for all age;
-different SIMS (Peablins) need to use a different method;
-fine matchless hd resolution image;
-lovely lively game sound effects;
-a lot of catch;
-no time limit, no enemy, no pressure, completely recreational excellent work;
-can and your friends in Openfeint list who do it the integral high!
Note: this game 2.3 and above requirements Android devices, support Android 3.0 buzzer hives system, at the same time also support high resolution tablet computer, such as MOTOROLA XOOM tablet computer, in high resolution equipment, the game will use a special high resolution graphics Settings.

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